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Free immigration questions online from Gabriel Krikunetc

My husband received a waived deportation document from a immigration judge, what to do with that document?

My husband is ex Marine but to recieved or grant for citizenship and green in USA, so we have to carry on to fill I-130 and I 485 or what we should do?
A: Do you mean the judge terminated proceeding? Or did he or she allow a waiver to you? If so, what kind of waiver? (there are many!) You need to sit down with an immigration attorney for a consultation. Free consultations are offered by many of us as these problems can be quite fact specific. 

Can I file I-130 for my 15 year-old daughter whose mother is not my legal wife?

I'm a US citizen. I have a 15 year old daughter who was born in Hong Kong. Her mother isn't my legal wife. Can I bring her into the USA for permanent residency?
A: Yes. For her to get a green card, so long as she's your biological daughter below the age of 21, you can file. She'll probably derive citizenship from you under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 as long as you've shared legal custody if she enters the USA before the age of 18. If not, until she is eligible to file for naturalization by herself she'd continue to be permanent resident. Consider working with a lawyer to sort this out.

I won a green card through Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. My question is do I have to maintain my F1 status?

I am pupil that is F1. I gained a green card through Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. My question is do I have to maintain my F1 standing while looking forward to my Interview?
A: YES! While living in america you should always keep standing.

I have my green card and want to apply for my Citizenship but I have a juvenile record will I get denied automatically?

A: Not mechanically. Nevertheless, you need to work with an immigration lawyer to find out whether the criminal record is problematic for naturalization. It depends upon the crime.

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Immigration Law Questions & Answers :: Justia Ask a Lawyer

LPR documents requirement when travel outside U.S.

My mom is LPR, and she intends to travel outside U.S. in this summer. After reading the file "Traveling outside of the U.S. - Documents needed for Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR)/Green Card holders" on U.S. Customs and Border Protection site. it says," Foreign nationals who have applied for permanent residency may need to be qualified for advance parole ahead of traveling out of the U.S. In order to be readmitted when traveling back to the U.S. (H1, H4, L1, L2, K3, K4 or V2, V3 holders don't require advance parole to travel abroad after applying to adjust status." I wonder, does my mom should file parole earlier in advance to be able to be readmitted when traveling back to the U.S. ? Another concern, her green card will expire on March 2018. Is she acceptable to travel outside U.S. in December? As an LPR, how long can she stay outside U.S.? How many days can she remain outside U.S. if she travels multiple times during a year? Thank you in advance for your reply
A: For every one of the details either contact an immigration lawyer or go to the USCIS office in Denver (schedule a meeting online since they don't meet non-scheduled parties). An attorney will charge a fee and also the USCIS WOn't charge you (but you will need to wait). Complex parole is for those who are applying for PR status, but have not been given formal PR acceptance. In other words, provided the green card continues to be legal advanced parole is not normally required.Within the bounds of "temporary" journey, there are really no constraints of how many times a permanent resident leaves the US, provided that they still meet the minimal amount of time in the US required to keep the PR status (i.e. 6 months or longer outside the US can result in LPR abandonment).For the details of PR necessities review the PR application instructions. The USCIS webpage should also have this information available.Determined by when your mom is outside the US and when she files for a renewal an advanced parole might be needed.Eventually, recall a valid foreign passport AND ALSO a valid green card have to leave and reenter the US for green card holders. 

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